Quick and instant funds for sudden expenses

8th Apr 2010

Availing loans in times of crisis is a habit and you can no way help it. It is a lot better than asking help from friends and relatives. To a certain extent, it does let you keep your dignity. Debit card loans too are mainly availed, when some unexpected expenses come up and you do not have any other option left. The amount under these loans gets approved in a prompt manner, thus by letting you source the funds to deal with the expenses.

As for same day debit card loans, you can source it for a relatively short term period and is ideal for short term expenses. In order to derive the loans, there is no need to pledge any valuable asset as collateral. Moreover, these loans are made available to the applicants irrespective of their financial condition and credit history. This means, even with bad credit hassles, you will be in a position to grab the funds.

The loan amount under these loans is made available to you, only after fulfilling certain terms and conditions. In this context, you must be employed with a fixed and regular income source, equivalent to £1000. In addition to these, you need to have an active checking account and that your minimum age at the time of borrowing should be £1000. The processing of these loans mainly takes place online, where in you have to input all these details in a simple application. Once the verification is complete, the amount required is transferred directly in to your bank account.

Usually, you can borrow amount in the range of £100-£1500, which then can be used to take care of various short term expenses. The repayment tenure spans over a period of few weeks to a month. The only slight disadvantage of these loans is that of its high interest rate. But then, on comparing the various quotes by undertaking a proper research, you can very well get access to some good offers.

With debit card loans, it is never going to be late, while dealing with sudden unexpected expenses.


Debit card loans are basically short term loans. Under these loans, you have the option to source the funds instantly. The terms and conditions of the loans too are viable and can be sourced even by applicants with serious credit disputes.