ATurn your debit card into cash

6 March 2012

If you going through shortage of cash and you are surrounded by a number of short term expenses then you need to get money aid as soon as possible. However to arrange cash within a short span of time is not a child’s play. The process to get loans from banks and traditional lenders is quite difficult. The problem to have cash instantly can easily be solved provided that you have a Debit card as lenders in the UK have launched a new loan scheme called Debit card loan.

Actually, debit card loans are short term loans in which you have to surrender your debit card to the lender as security. These loans are unsecured loans as you have no need to go under credit check and place collateral against getting the loan. So, these loans have high interest. By the help of debit card loans, you can get cash aid starting from £100-£1500 with repayment period of 14-31 days. You must repay the loan on time to stay away from penalty. Individuals who are suffering from bad credit scores such as Defaults, Arrears, CCJ,
IVA, foreclosures, Insolvency, Deferred payments, Skipped payments etc can also apply for “Debit card loans”. You can use the loan amount for various needs such as Grocery bill, Medial bill, Electricity bill, repairing car, unplanned travelling, home improvement, holiday, debit consolidation, credit card payments, mortgages, lawyer’s fees etc.

To get debit card loans, you need to meet following terms and conditions-

  1. You should be a citizen of the UK,
  2. You should be at least 18 years of age or older,
  3. You should be employed with monthly income flow of £1000 and
  4. You should have a valid bank account with an active Debit card.

The process to Debit card loans is fast, simple and convenient. These loans are available on internet. These loans can easily be obtained if you complete following steps-

  1. Select an online lender– You need to select a lender to get these loans online.
  2. Fill up an online application form– fill an online application form with some basic details such as your name, address, age, gender, loan amount, Email ID, bank account number, cell number, Employment status etc. No faxing of documents or extensive paper work is needed.
  3. Submit the form– submit the form on same day debit card loans. As soon as the loan gets approved, the loan is immediately wired into your account.


This article says that debit card loans are the easiest and quickest loans for you if you have a debit card. These loans are also available for bad creditors.